Azadeh Ardakani

"Azadeh produced great syllabi for us at Ubiquity University in the field of sustainability. We are looking forward to developing the courses with her." Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University

"Azadeh brings great commitment, professionalism, passion and creativity to everything that she does. I especially value her imagination and endurance. Her work at Beckoning for Change - bringing together artists with a cause - is an inspiration to many." Wayne Visser, Director, Kaleidoscope Futures

"Azadeh acted as the project manager, web design coordinator and point person in recruiting key NGO partners. She was also instrumental in getting the campaign to a successful launch in Times Square. She is a very conscientious employee striving to see a project through by dedicating all the time and effort needed." Chris Walker, North American Director - The Climate Group

"Although Azadeh and I had limited occassions to directly work with one another, when we did, it was always a positive experience. Her organizational skills, attention to detail, and desire to ensure that the product which she was supporting was truly the best that it could be were professional qualities that I admired greatly and that I believe will serve her well in her future endeavors. She is ambitious and cares about the causes for which she is working." Michael Allegretti, Head of Government Relations, The Climate Group

"Azadeh worked for me as a consultant on 'The Apprentice' and was both committed and enthusiastic about her role. As a consultant she played an important part in our production process and always had valuable insights and contributions to add to the show. It was a pleasure working with Azadeh and I would recommend her to others." Damon D'Amore, Producer, Mark Burnett Productions

"Azadeh was high performing, bringing energy,smarts, and enthusiasm to our production team. A quick learner she excelled at handling whatever task or job was thrown at her - and in a daily television environment that is a lot. She would be an excellent addition to your team." Sudha Krishna, Senior Producer, CBC Television