Barbie Davalos

My passion is building businesses and brands. As a long-time PR and Marketing professional and entrepreneur, I have experienced all areas and challenges of building and operating a business from marketing and sales to manufacturing and operations. My full picture knowledge along with my professional PR agency experience makes me a better marketer and consultant; and it also has afforded me many contacts and relationships that my clients benefit from.

All aspects of business truly interest and fascinate me. I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge to help entrepreneurs and companies build and grow their businesses. I choose to support brands and companies owned by socially, economically or environmentally conscious people with products or services that are unique or fulfill a void or need. My clients and team are a reflection of me.

And who am I? I am a business professional whose top five strengths are Futurist, Individualization, Achiever, Strategic and Learner. I am a resourceful, practical and optimistic woman, a loyal wife, a mom who loves and encourages her children's individualism and talents, a sharer of information, a kind and helpful friend and a discerning consumer. I appreciate value, quality, honesty and relationships. I have had the good fortune of being the new kid in school throughout my childhood, which set my path to a career in PR + marketing as it gave me the now natural ability to see value in every person I meet and the desire to identify with, understand and connect with others.