Benjamin Pappas
With more than 15 years experience as an entrepreneur, start-up innovator, technology leader and Marketing & Advertising professional, Ben Pappas entered the business world as an Insurance Broker at the age of 18, quickly making his mark—and he has been moving forward ever since. He currently serves as Founder & CEO of Venice Beach, California-based, an upstart telecom & technology company that is revolutionizing insurance agent marketing. CCP is the world’s first-to-market with an innovative technology designed to replace such widely used models as Internet leads, live transfers and agent cold calling. Via its proprietary innovation, the company’s product is easy to manage, flexible and wholly compliant with local, state and federal laws. He was previously CEO for six years with BMP Insurance Services—which Pappas founded at age 25 and successfully sold in 2013. As one of the largest independent insurance brokerage firms in Southern California, BMP continues to offer comprehensive insurance and products to a wide range of businesses and individuals across California. He was also an Insurance Broker with L.A.-based Cornerstone Group of Companies, Survival Insurance and Farmers Insurance; and published an article in December 2013 on, titled “The Future of Auto Insurance.” Always looking forward, Pappas is currently in “incubator” mode for Venice Beach-based enterprise SellYourCouch, which includes the verticals of insurance, music… and couches. He is also innovating and developing new blue ocean concepts.