Ben Cruz

I'm all about developing and launching new products and services. I founded, ran, and exited Synchromedia (mobile content) and Demand ID Systems (market intelligence via crowdsourcing). I thoroughly enjoy mentoring a half dozen fledgling ventures and swimming in the entrepreneurial waters around Baltimore & DC. I might even get snared on an exciting company's fishing line. Lures I find hard to resist are disruptive and transformative internet and mobile ventures, particularly if they are infused with social good. Drop me a line.

I've led international product development & marketing for both product and service companies, planned and executed two global re-brandings, led creation of a R&D funding consortium, managed international licensing and export sales, and co-led the development and launch of dozens of online degrees, concentrations, and certificate programs. I teach International Business at Loyola University of Maryland. My own degree is Master of International Management from Thunderbird.

My way IS the highway - global travel and culture including live and recorded music of all kinds, scuba diving, hiking, and yoga to counterbalance my addiction to political and economic news. Golf is my mistress - she is cruel but I come back to her willingly. My heart warms to the cultural- and bio-diversity of the Mid-Atlantic but my soul belongs to the US Southwest.