Benjamin Howarth

Hi, I'm Benjamin, I'm 27, and a freelance software consultant specialising in open source frameworks on the Microsoft .NET stack.

I used to be a member of the Umbraco CMS core team. I've contributed to the Nuget core and now I speak at conferences talking about hybrid single-page applications for websites.

Previously spoken at:

You can come and watch me (and hopefully learn something) at:

  • AppsWorld Europe, ExCeL Centre, London, 12th-13th November.

Like it says, I write code. I also void warranties, fix bugs, take photos, travel a lot (self-confessed airmiles junkie), and build websites, frameworks, and generally cool stuff.

Yes, my background was taken by me, no, it's not for sale (or use as stock photography). Find something on a stock photo site instead.