Ben McLendon

After serving in the U.S.A.F. I quickly found my place in Healthcare Information Technology. I've experienced great success as a technician, teacher, consultant, salesman, manager, entrepreneur, and leader.

For the last seven years I've had the pleasure of managing a great group of guys, the Information Technology team at Barnes Healthcare Services. I'm a hands on I.T. manager, so I write code, and queries, I turn knobs on every system from desktops to Servers to the VOIP platform. I'm passionate about all things I.T., but even more, I enjoy helping individuals and the organization grow!

I've also managed to find the time to develop my creative side working on Photography, Videography and Design projects including many theatrical videos, commercial photo shoots, weddings and other events.

I am life long musician. I've played a number of instruments over the last forty or so years: Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Bass. For the last few years, I've focused on developing my skills behind my drum kit.

When time and weather permits, I love hitting the open road on my Harley-Davidson StreetGlide. When the weather isn't so great, you may find me out in my shop working on my Honda CX500 bobber project.

Last but not least, I'm very concerned about the social and political environment here in the United States. There is a growing momentum towards tyranny and the erosion of our freedoms. The Constitution is regularly trounced on by those in power who use the arguments like ‘safety of the many is more important than freedom of the one’. Sorry I must disagree. I also feel strongly about the separation of church and state. For me freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. As a skeptic, atheist, secular humanist, and otherwise freethinker any incursion of religious dogma into our government is very concerning to me.

Oh, by the way. The brands shown here manufacture the products that I use.