Ben Sailer

Ben Sailer emerged from the primordial soup of the Jurassic period as the first grizzled caveman to set foot on the earth. He eventually attained immortality by defeating Connor MacLeod and becoming the Highlander. Never one to be satisfied with his accomplishments, this compelled Sailer to seek a career change and a new direction for his eternal life. He promptly laid down the sword and picked up the pen, parlaying thousands of years of experience as a highly trained time-traveling warrior into a passable skillset in English grammar and writing.

Sailer now enjoys a more peaceful occupation as a Web Content Writer for, where he is responsible for creating search engine-optimized copy, tracking analytical data, and various other projects. He is also a staff contributor at, where he writes record reviews, conducts interviews, posts news, and secretly pulls the strings that make the music industry dance.

Outside of his endeavors as a wordsmith, Sailer also plays bass in the indie/folk band Riesage and experiments with live music photography. A man of refined character and taste, he appreciates good coffee, beers, and burritos. Please feel free to get in touch.