Benton Stokes

I'm a singer, a songwriter, and a lover of all kinds of music. My first record, Grace & Gravity, sums up where I've been emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. In spite of the gravity all around us that can pull us down, there's grace that lifts us up. You just have to be willing to reach up and take hold. 

The older I get, the more I value the people I'm closest to -- good friends and family. That revelation helped pave the way to working on my new record, Turn Off the Moon. It's all about relationships. The songs I'm recording capture what's been on my mind lately; the complexities of relationships; how we see each other and ourselves.

I love story songs. I love writing from a personal perspective. One of my favorites is The Weight of Maybe, a song about how we some times stay frozen and don't do anything because of fear. And Love Tonight, which talks about how life doesn't always turn out the way we thought it would.

Singing, writing,'s what I do! Stick with me. We will have some fun together!