Brugghemans Bert

I am a Fire Officer in the city of Antwerp with more than 14 years of experience in emergency and crisis management. I started my career as a voluntary fire fighter and EMT. During my career I have evolved from a narrow focus on firefighting to a broad transdisciplinary approach to Fire Service management and to Crisis and Emergency management. So at this moment I am area manager for the City of Antwerp area and during incidents I take the role of multidisciplinary commander for the whole of Antwerp, including the second largest port and the largest petrochemical cluster of Europe.

My passion is connecting people and connecting worlds. I try to build bridges between the Fire Service and different partners. I also connect academics, practitioners and developers and try to gain new insights by working and thinking out of the box. I volunteer in different organizations that are active in building those bridges in crisis- and disaster management and that help me explore the new concept of Crisis Intelligence: Stand by Task Force, Critical Interactive Processes-institute and Disaster Resilience Lab.