Brugghemans Bert

I am a Fire Officer in Antwerp Fire and Safety Region with 15 years of experience in emergency and crisis management. I have a university background and a postgraduate degree in (operations) management.

I started my career as a voluntary fire fighter and EMT. During my career I have evolved from a narrow focus on firefighting to a broad transdisciplinary approach to Fire Service management and to Crisis and Emergency management. At this moment I am project leader for the transfer of the city Fire Service to a regionalized Fire and Safety Region.

During incidents my operational role is to act as multidisciplinary gold commander (up to level 4 incidents) for the whole of Antwerp, including the second largest port and the largest petrochemical cluster of Europe.

My passion is connecting people and connecting worlds. I try to build bridges between the Fire Service and different partners. I connect academics, practitioners and developers and try to gain new insights by working and thinking out of the box. I volunteer in different organizations that are active in building those bridges in crisis- and disaster management and that help me explore the new concept of Crisis Intelligence: ISCRAM, Stand by Task Force, Critical Interactive Processes-institute and Disaster Resilience Lab.

Do you want to join my passion or do you want to learn more about Crisis Intelligence? Don't hesitate to contact me @bertbrugghemans on twitter or via email