bim paras

I am a software engineer at Animation Mentor, on a team building an online school for aspiring computer animators. My 15+ years of engineering experience working in the Internet industry has exposed me to many different technologies. I love working with the rapid pace of technology in this industry as it constantly pushes my skill set. My current interests are:

  1. DevOps/Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration and its unique skill set of development, operations, and qa/testing
  2. Building out the most efficient, automated and highly tested processes to deploy infrastructure and code from development through QA and out to production

I get the most enjoyment from designing and implementing engineering processes that achieve the most effective workflow for a team of engineers, QA, and IT operations to deliver high quality products and features to end users. This is why the whole DevOps movement and everything it encompasses resonates with me.

When I'm not busy coding away, I like to devote the rest of my time to being a dad, husband, and geeking out with my photography.