BJ Tuininga

Artist/Graphic Designer, Photographer, Herbalist, Activist for Native American, Women, and Human Rights, Volunteer at KNOW Theatre, Art Historian, New Hampshire Native, Vegetarian/Vegan,

The fine arts are my passion. My formal education is in graphic design, the fine arts and art history. My home is my gallery…my kitchen is my painting studio. I also freelance as a graphic designer/ photographer and paint to feed my passion. I also volunteer at the off Broadway KNOW Theatre here in Binghamton, which is a real jewel midst our artistic nightlife.

I also am continually studying the art of Herbalism…a tradition which I began back when my children were young. Now forty years later, I continue my education & the study of one of the oldest natural practices we have. I am a fervent believer in the herbal products that I use and sell, but recognize the need for allopathic medicine in the holistic healing process. I studied w/ local NY herbalist Raine Ford and now with through long distant courses with Rosalee de la Floret of and various other notable herblists through

It was the discovery of my ancestral roots that made me more aware of our Native American brothers and sisters ongoing battle with racism, suicide, poverty and domestic abuse/murder. Consequently, I have become more proactive helping with these issues when and where I am able, knowing full well that my role is small compared to the need.