"Shared links are the currency of the Internet. Location Base Services are the currency of the mobile space. Social's the delivery mechanism that drives it all."

Brad Franklin's internet background began as a Flash Designer Developer during early 2000. Brad's interest leaned towards product development and the financial market, spotting trends before they developed into the public market.

Picking up on the vast potential of mobile technologies, watching companies such as Qualcomm and others who were showing the unlimited possibilities of the internet, specifically as it related to mobile, he saw the incredible potential of the iPhone and the platform ecosystem that has become the internet as we know it today. Brad attended Apple's World Wide Developers Conference in 2007. This limited attendance three day conference was the first Apple World Wide Developers Conference to introduce the original iPhone and development SDK to create mobile apps and harness what was to become the current Apple ecosystem.

Financial consulting in the mobile technology sector 2006 - 2012, Brad excelled in the public stock market trading his own portfolio, making contacts with individuals within the web startup space as well as the hedge fund, investor community.

Making a decision to explore his own ideas in product development, Brad’s focus currently is the launch of Jive66, a Mobile Web Product Creative Agency. Jive66‘s first product, Sohojive is in development with an alpha launch date set for July 4 2014.


I have a passion to do what has yet to be done. The potential for innovative ideas to be developed, and ultimately to be experienced, is one of my driving forces.

Product Development Strategist . Entrepreneur . Tech Sector Financial Consultant

It's about listeners, not followers

Combining location with the influence and engagement of Social Media, anything is possible. Harnessing these two elements creates an exciting opportunity that is still in its' infancy.

Front staging the space in product development, innovate, collaborate, disrupt, these are my driving goals. Bridging the gap between the startup space and the public market, my expertise is in spotting the trends before they develop.

So, what drives me? What do I bring to the table? What's my strongest attribute?

I creatively find a way to make the improbable happen against the odds