Brad Justus

I was born in Michigan and grew up in Oklahoma.  I moved to Florida my senior year of high school and earned my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing at The University of Florida.  I have worked in the healthcare staffing industry for over 15 years.  I started out in nursing and moved into Health Information Management.  I am 6’8″ with a big mouth so its hard for me to stay off the radar.  I am extremely interested in technology and social media and how they impact the healthcare industry.  I am Apple gadget obsessed and can rarely be seen separated from my  iPad & iPhone.  I work with Hospitals, Medical Groups, Physician Practices & Insurance Companies in Northern California, Alaska & Hawaii.  I have built multiple life long partners and friends who I help anticipate the next problem before it occurs.  I am a consultative provider and enjoy bringing innovative, custom solutions to the table.  This is the most exciting time in our industry.  The next few years will be dominated by ICD-10, EMR/EHR, 5010, CAC, PHR, EHealth and healthcare reform, just to name a few.  I am excited to offer new solutions including remote coding, partial and total outsources and audits of all types.  Wether you are a major health system or a remote rural health clinic, you have never had more to worry about. Sometimes you may feel alone but we are in this together.  I will strive to add value in some way every day.