Brandy A. Brown, Ph.D.

My insatiable desire to learn has led to my current diverse compilation of jobs, research, skills, hobbies, and interests.

Some side effects of all that I've done so far are that I... relish research, psychology, and the world of work (that's where the PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology comes in)... admire art (grabbed a BA in that along the way too), delight in design, harbor happiness, dote on anything digital, enjoy experimentation, treasure teaching, admire academia, covet creativity, indulge in innovation, practice playfulness, hold hacking dear, tout transparency, pursue productivity, paint the town with personal development, wrangle words, savor science and statistics, and utilize useful things - whenever I can.

My research primarily focuses on the effects of the situation, especially stress and leadership conditions, on team processes and outcomes - if you can't see the fun or relevance, let me know. I'll show you.

Most of all I love to share what I learn. Be that through teaching, mentoring, sharing data findings, collaborating, presenting, volunteering, designing, whatever. If you want to learn anything I might know - get in touch!