Bret Mavrich

I am a writer and new media journalist living in the Kansas City area. My work has appeared in Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, and Rebel.

I have experience developing multi-media news packages for blogs, clients, and national magazines and news outlets. Taken together, my training and experience enable me to take a project from strategic conceptualization to effective launch/realization on web platforms. I've built mobile-optimized sites, produced podcasts, written award-winning articles, and produced online HD video.

Most recently, I've partnered with the Kansas City Startup Village, a collection of (mostly) tech-startups living in the Crossroads district of Kansas City in the first neighborhood to get Google Fiber, to develop engaging content for their site. The projects included interactive content to attract interest and funding to this unique group of innovators.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile for an updated summary of my work experience, as well as a complete list of links to my work.