Brian Aberle

My Biography is so diverse that to expand on any one of my accomplishments would lead you to think that the summary of what I am about is limited to some domain or industry or certain talent. I am so in awe at the miracle of life and matter in the universe that I know - all things are possible. Either you know, or you dont know. Some things are not learned, they are just known. You know that heat makes you warm.

I publish a technology breakthrough here: and Chemistry research here:

and I Climb Mountains, Volcanos, Towers, Walls, pretty much anything that seems right at the moment. Here is a climb I did in Atlanta: I bicycled 300 miles of the west coast in 2014. I enjoy distance swimming especially in warm ocean water. I run for fun.

I VERY MUCH enjoy time with nature. I withdraw to the wilderness frequently, camping, nature hikes, adventures in what planet earth has to offer. Early in life as a cub/boyscout and later in life for the love of campfire and wild in the wilderness. I am well studied on snakes. I've handled wild rattlesnakes like a bee charmer - thats my hand a swarm of large honey bees in El Salvador. This breed, from Africa, can kill some humans.

The IRS operates illegally. My book contains testimony of a former IRS commissioner made before Congress and Supreme Court rulings that can all be referenced. The "Obstruction" folder contains my latest escape: and my last trial:

Technology Stuff:

This is some poetry and truth about the failure in the war on drugs. I research the subject:

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