Brian Lockwood

Having dyslexia provides a natural learning challenge. This unlikely gift inspires incentives to question how we change the business of learning. I gravitate toward opportunities, with mixed disciplines and seek authentic student learning experiences with real world outcomes.

I'm unsatisfied with the learning status quo and actively explore methods, which give an advantage for the differentiated student. I use the "printing press" as a historical metaphor to describe the changes we are seeing. Education is shifting from exclusive to inclusive, allowing everyone to have a customized learning program fitting student’s unique learning styles.

I am comfortable leading from the back and prefer avoiding the spot light. I experiment often, taking careful risks and model my actions with the goal others will be inspired to follow. I have a non-stop appetite for sharing, choosing to engage with a global professional learning network, in which we learn from peers, friends, gurus, and strangers.

I’m inspired by:
Tinker School’s Gever Tulley, Emily Cummins student designer of solar powered fridge, Kurt Hahn founder of the United World Colleges, Dave Eggers creator of Once Upon a School, Sugata Mitra researcher of learning lab India, Bar Camp conference organization philosophy, Cameron Herold advocate for raising kids to be entrepreneurs, John Maeda President of Rhode Island College of Design