Brian Marchand

I've piled up just over sixteen years experience in web application design and online communications. I like to think I bring a thoroughly integrated perspective to every project. During the course of my online career, I have navigated a broad range of industry sectors for clients like the University of Toronto, Bell Canada, CBC, Carnival Cruiselines, Panasonic, Cadillac Fairview, GWL Reality, and many others.

I live, breathe and sleep in the digital world. With my combined design expertise and extensive technological knowledge capital, I addresse every project with finesse, sophistication and an astute business perspective.

When I'm not designing for the online world, I enjoy woodworking and creating unique handcrafted furniture. And whether I'm at my high-tech workstation or my home workshop, you'll always find my princess pug Roxy by my side.

High-level creative thinking, strategic communications, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, UX, UI, Admin Consoles, CMS, mobile site development, mobile application development, online marketing systems, communicating with clients, cheering up your day!