Brian Romero Smith Sr.
Founder and CEO of Beyond School; supplying supplemental lesson for parents and students using video games any piece of technology in the home to create engaging learning experiences for their children that enhances the ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and problem solve while they play. We dabble in the Edutainment and Gamification arena to emphasize the notion of meeting students where they are in order to effectively communicate and educate them. However, where as Edutainment and Gamification is taking something educational and giving it game and entertainment elements, Beyond School is the opposite industry, taking a game and entertainment technology and giving it educational elements. Computer Technlogist for Harry Stone Montessori Academy and International Baccalaureate. My responsibilities are to create a rich technology environment that cultivates teacher's and administrator's desire to implement technology and also takes advantage of the child's natural ability to explore, evaluate, analyze, synthesize and problem solve by providing real-life opportunities to create and apply critical thinking skills to become passionate life-long learners. Most importantly, Father of 4, Husband of 1, I do what I do for my children's children. Trying to build a legacy condoned by Christ as a conduit of His grace and mercy! Amateur photography and videographer, P&W; leader and songwriter, and passionate about all things Apple Inc. while living life like I love it.