Britni Kang

Simply: I love to write.

I recently tip-toed back into the realm of fiction writing and have quietly made a small nest in the Fantasy section. I'm new at this and perfectly terrified, leaving grammar gods screaming in the wake of my script. Yet, I have this unbridled, relentless imagination that demands I create worlds for it to frolic in. It's a spoiled brat, really.

I'm the girl that walks down the sidewalk and can't help but make up a new story at every turn. Half the time, I'm scrambling to write it down, pens, mints, and chapstick jumping for their lives as my hands tear around looking for scraps of receipts, tissues, or gum wrappers. The smartphone has helped, but I still come home from a walk with notes scribbled in black ink on some part of my arm or another.

I look up to writers like Virginia Woolf, Ursula LeGuin, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I enjoy being emersed in the stories of Neil Gaiman, Glen Cook, William Gibson, C.S. Lewis, and Neal Stephenson. I'm enamored by new writers like Ransom Riggs, and Catherynne M. Valente. I've learned heartfelt lessons from the likes of Chuck Palahniuk, and Ira Glass - my taste is killer, which is why my work dissapoints me.

I'm also very proud of my status as a gigantic science nerd. Sir David Attenborough stands next to my father and husband on the "Lifetime Hero" pedestal - with Ursula LeGuin right next to him, and Hayao Miyazaki next to her.

My husband would like to think that he's just a humble, local musician in Chicago, but to me he's a rockstar.

My interests also include good scotch, horses, ramen, all things Miyazaki, Radiohead, kittens, coffee, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, knitting, National Geographic, cooking, deep sea creatures, MMA fighting, and yoga.