Brittian Bullock

Brittian Bullock, MA, MHP, is a thought leader and teacher in East meets West methods of waking up--living fully and deeply in the here and now; what Jesus called 'the kingdom of God.' While Brittian wears many hats, and has countless interests, his primary passion is working together with "warriors of the heart" who want to grow as individuals, community members, and intimates. As a relational psychtherapist he and his wife, also a Marriage and Family Therapist, are devoted to helping people chart a course through relationships and intimacy--God, self, and others. On a lighter note he's a musician, poet, husband and father who routinely gets his butt kicked by his four children

Reach out, send me an email, give me a call, pay me a visit--let's walk these roads together!

Meyer/Briggs: ENFP, an Enneagram: Type 5, and Gallop says: my strengths are: Strategic Development, Connectedness, Ideation, Woo and Intellection.