Brittian Bullock

Brittian Bullock, MA, CVS, is a thought leader and teacher in East meets West methods of waking up--living fully and deeply in the here and now; what Jesus called 'the kingdom of God.' While Brittian wears many hats, and has countless interests, his primary passion is discovering God in Christ, and working with communities of like-minded individuals, providing them practical guidance in this journey. As a relational psychoanalyst he and his wife, also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, are devoted to helping people chart a course through relationships and intimacy--God, self, and others. On a lighter note he's a musician, poet, husband and father who routinely gets his butt kicked by his three children

Currently he is planting a network of intentionally simple communities of Christ-followers in Vancouver, WA called transFORM. If you're interested, it'd be a blast to

Reach out, send me an email, give me a call, pay me a visit--let's walk these roads together!

Meyer/Briggs: ENFP, an Enneagram: Type 5, and Gallop says: my strengths are: Strategic Development, Connectedness, Ideation, Woo and Intellection.