Brooke Taylor

Half way through what could be considered a career lifetime, I'm embarking on reinventing myself. This time I'm going to draw on my life experience and study for my master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I focus on things that bring about well being, inside and out. I have deep experience as a VP of Brand Development for a botanical range of skincare from Australia, a spa director, and esthetician. I have a passion for world travel and won't turn down the opportunity to jump on a plane (could be because I'm from a tiny town in West Texas). I have lived and worked in a few countries, including opening an ice cream shop in Spain.

I curate content for a few disparate brands (including an author and advertising company), with specific expertise in spa experiences. I inspire people and companies to find their voice through whatever medium suits them best.

When the opportunity arises, I teach what I know. Skincare. Body treatments. Flyfishing (another passion - I've been a guide for years and the most patient instructor you'll find). Once I earn my master's, I hope to teach people how to find health and wellbeing in their life.

I am all the above. Which one interests you?