Borislav Todorov

Living loud, provoking and shining for 16 yeas on this world.Do I get tired? Do I ? Ofcourse i don't, that's my moto. They talk sh*t, think i care? I speak from the heart b*tch and if you don't like the ugly truth you know where to go. I live in a country ,where you get judged by the way you look and i'm really getting tired of that tendency.I live in a country where it's cool to smoke and have sex like a hoe.I live in a countrey, where being yourself is relevant to some form of a crime.Yup you guessed it it's Bulgaria.


Apart from that i live a perfect life.I have the most beautiful, loving and caring little angel by my side who I LOVE from the bottom of my heart.I LOVE and i'm LOVED.I may even say that i have the perfect relationship. Because when you truly care for someone you give your best so they can be happy.