C. Wess Daniels

Hello, my name is Wess. I am a Quaker pastor in Camas, WA. I am also a grandson, oldest of nine, a husband, and a father. I was born in Canton Ohio, went to college, got married, and learned a lot about life from our old steel-mill town and then moved away to the West coast in 2003 to pursue further education. 

I love being the pastor of Camas Friends Church, a Christ-centered Quaker meeting in Camas. I am currently working on a dissertation at Fuller Theological Seminary on understanding the church's role in the world from a Quaker perspective. You can find my curriculum vitae here.

I enjoying playing with my two daughters, going on adventures with my wife, writing, reading, doing yoga, riding my scooter and home-roasting coffee. I am a contributing editor to the website QuakerQuaker.org and for the book Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices. Sometimes I even get a minute to write on my blog.

Some things I believe:

I believe that there is something of God in all people, and that my work as a pastor is to help people come to know that for themselves. Rather than be a person with answers, I try to help others live into the questions. I see myself as a kind of spiritual mid-wife, I can help accompnay and support what is already there and happening. I believe that we can see resurrection breaking in around us if we have the eyes to look for it.

I believe the Quaker tradition teaches us much about how to be a faithful community of people and how to follow Jesus in the world. One way I hope I can do this is by being an ally to those in our society who are disenfranchied in one way or another. I see Quaker history as an example of how the church can practically undertake this work. Finally, I believe one of the most important things we can do is practice listening to one another and to God's Spirit. Spiritual discernment is something I get excited about!