Callie Carling

Callie Carling: inspiring others as a glowing Beacon of Empowerment by sharing her personal story, her gift as an artful story-catcher guides people through their own transformational journey, enhancing their relationships at every level. By experiencing the power of focused coaching, creative play and art therapy, laughter yoga and storytelling through her own jungle of challenges, she is in a unique position to facilitate and provide innovative, intuitive and creative programmes and solutions tailor-made for her clients, weaving stories into a powerful transformation process.

A fempreneur and empowering speaker who is dedicated to shifting health perceptions with essential oils, laughter yoga, writing and creativity. Founder of a pioneering wellbeing consultancy business shifting healthcare perceptions, specialising in the use of therapeutic essential oils. Changing healthcare 1 droplet at a time, we teach people living with health difficulties how to find strength in their shadow, and regain control of their authentic selves.

As a business coach, teacher and artful story-catcher, Callie accesses a wide variety of therapeutic interventions, techniques and tools to support, educate and enhance individual, community and corporate wellbeing. Her inclusive approach to stress-management and emotional wellbeing is derived from 15+ years experience within the training and holistic health fields. With 20+ years experience from executive level business support and her own successful VA/social media consultancy business, Callie specialises in training, implementing and promoting ethical business practices within natural health home-based business models.

Of her own story - which includes breast cancer and lengthy battles with depression and emotional eating disorders - Callie uses humour and empathy to create a cocoon of strength, where clients can step up and take responsibility for their own future. She knows the pain of falling down, over and over again, making catastrophic choices and the triumphs of creating wonderful successes : these challenges make us gloriously imperfect and Callie educates, empowers and inspires people to show up as their real self.

An ardent lover of decadent afternoon teas, writing and creating magic with mixed-media, Callie covets vintage china and enjoys playfull adventures in her worldwide travels. She lives and plays in SW London.