Callie Carling

Spirited playfull story-catching is my gift.

Teaching others the art of playfulness - in business, in life - is my craft.

I work with magnificent people - together we weave bold, brilliant stories and develop powerful, focused strategies which invite positive change at every level.

Magic + fast, innovative results takes place here:

:: CreaTEAvity : Tea + Play + ARTbundance Creativity Coaching + Laughter Yoga = Transformation

:: Cancer Goddess : whole-self wellness, creativity and beauty empowerment

My approach is multi-faceted, working with people at an emotional, physical and spiritual level. In sharing with people some of my own story - including the catastrophic choices, the long, winding road to personal + business success, and the amazing hurrah moments - we get to re-write our stories, knowing how these challenges make us gloriously imperfect. And we get results. Fast.

I am proud to educate, empower and inspire people to show up as their real self in EVERY part of their beautiful life, even if it doesn’t feel beautiful right now.

An ardent lover of decadent afternoon teas, writing and creating magic with mixed-media, I covet + collect vintage china and enjoy playfull adventures in my worldwide travels.

I am a KSurf Instructor : Writing As A Healing Art, Introduction to Personal Journaling, and Egyptian Mythology.

I live, love, work and play in sunny SW London, travel regularly to Florence, Italy + I dream of having a space in the English countryside where the Household Cavalry horses can enjoy their well-deserved retirement (my son is a Lance Corporal of Horse in the Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry and I have a real soft-spot for these gentle, sometimes-naughty but always wise giants!)