Carla Moreno

A daughter of Honduran immigrants, Carla is a New Orleans girl living in the Pacific Northwest.

She’s a teacher, musician, storyteller and adventurer! With her energetic personality and contagious smile, Carla is a change agent to the world sharing and educating on the things she’s most passionate about -- travel, music, global education, and social justice.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, she’s a vocal coach for Seattle’s EMP Museum, tour guide for Bill Speidel’s Underground tour, Savor Seattle!, and writer for The Huffington Post. And if that isn't enough, she sits on the Board of the Seattle Storyteller's Guild.

Her signature blog sign-off ­ “Al­-Mughamara” ­­is Arabic for The Adventure, a word used by her Bedouin guide while trekking through Jordan. Fearless, curious, and open­-minded, Carla is always ready for the her next adventure!