Carla Moreno

A daughter of Honduran immigrants, Carla is a New Orleans girl living in the Pacific Northwest.

She’s a teacher, musician, storyteller and adventurer! With her energetic personality and contagious smile, Carla is a change agent to the world sharing and educating on the things she’s most passionate about -- travel, music, global education, and social justice.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, she’s a vocal coach for Seattle’s EMP Museum, tour guide for Bill Speidel’s Underground tour, Savor Seattle!, and writer for The Huffington Post.

Her signature blog sign-off ­ “Al­-Mughamara” ­­is Arabic for The Adventure, a word used by her Bedouin guide while trekking through Jordan. Fearless, curious, and open­-minded, Carla is always ready for the her next adventure!