Carl-Edwin Michel

Carl-Edwin is a tech and videogame junkie ;) He is the founder and CEO of SWAF MEDIA, a TV and new media production company.

Carl-Edwin Michel has been reporting on the high-tech industry since 2009 as a freelance journalist, lecturer, radio and TV personality.

His specialties lie in consumer electronics, computers, Internet trends and interactive entertainment.

He hosts a weekly technology segment on "Planet Techno” a TV show on CBC Explora. He researches, plans topics and writes segments before presenting on air. He hosts as well "Conseil Techno", a technology-focused video series that runs across Quebec in Cineplex Entertainment French movie theaters and its sister chains. Carl-Edwin is also the Toronto correspondent for "", a tech and video game TV show airing on Musique Plus. And also appears on Radio Canada (CBC French) TV and Radio Station regularly to cover the always changing actuality in technology.

Besides his work in broadcasting, Carl-Edwin writes multiple times per week and hosts tech videos for various popular websites: