Brian Castellani

Effective Social Engagement

+ How do you measure being effective in business and your personal life? +

Since the beginning of Yoganomics, I have been in the center of social media for yoga and many of my own interests.

Unlike a large number of other media entities today (especially in the yoga statosphere), I have never bought followers, nor relied on hijacking shares or relied on unethical blogging practices to gain readership. Most corporate yoga, yoga bloggers can't say that... at all.

From building a number of customer focused directories, I have painstakenly learned how to be creatively effective for a particular result through a specific demographic... including a focusing on a particular geographic area.

My background has been working a series of ground breaking job's - such as...

  • Yoga Journal magazine: Yoga practice every day for five years. Contibuting to build a sellable online "directory" for small business ad sales and also compiled industry data for yoga teachers and studios around the globe
  • Gary Kremen: founder of,, & Grant Media - (also the first person to successfully win an intellectual property case in America)
  • Kindred Healthcare: District office Admin for the Northern California district office.

In 2009, I am one of the few yogis who successfully advocated for yoga teachers concerning the most important aspect of teaching yoga: Yoga Education.

Along with the help of a small handful of other non-corporate yoga teachers from NY, TX, WA, LA, and CA, we successfullly challenged the way American yoga teachers qualify, quantify and teach yoga - (specifically regarding the credentialing of yoga teachers & Yoga Alliance). Most, if not all, of the changes people saw in 2013 are directly due our dilligence.

Even though the questions we raised are still mostly unanswered in today's yoga atmosphere - we brought the issues that are considered to be the most important and valid issues facing yoga today - to the forefront of both the American and the International yoga community.

My approach can be considered unorthodox, but my creativity is always based in a realistic app