Catherine Fagan

A 24 year old Manhattanite with a zeal for fashion, appetite for laughter, and a limitless desire to find inspiration and love. I often daydream of Italy, of cheese shops, of red lipstick and of leather goods. I'm a foodie to my core, and while I love fine dining and French cuisine, nothing hits the spot like a grilled cheese sandwich or a really good slice. I obsess over entertainment and can educate anyone on current pop culture -- from Orange is the New Black prison rules and the latest Housewives drama to Beyonce, Lorde and Timberlake. I treasure my Kindle yet I long for a library of worn-in books, as there is no feeling as satisfying as turning the final page in a really good paperback. I love to be spontaneous, but my daily planner is my lifeline.

Now that my college years have come and gone, I'm loving life in the real world and taking NYC by storm; I'm currently working as an Assistant Media Planner at Calvin Klein, and spend spare time exploring the big city around me and appreciating the little things that life has to offer. I constantly wonder where my future will take me, yet I would still drop it all in a second's time for a chance to see the world.