Carmichael M.

The following are the things that keeps me sane and pragmatic daily: Wittiness, tenacity, fervor, thoughtfulness, communication and curiosity.

My background is in Finance and Accounting, a numbers’ guy…lol. When not entrenched in my work, I use the time to stay informative in politics, new technologies, history (ancient & current) and on a plethora of constructive issues worldwide.

My conduct daily is guided by my spiritual belief per the Bible, though not perfect. I also enjoy participating in bible studies and attending Church.

As to my social life: I enjoy reading, writing, watching and attending sport games/matches of all kinds...Tennis being my favorite, then Basketball, track & field, NFL/AFL - football etc. I enjoy dining out occasionally, but for the record, I prefer home cooked meals (yes, I am a mean cook) and social parties.