Christine Egger

For many years, my work has been dedicated to helping people align what they care about with what they do. I've helped people as they build technologies, nonprofit programs, and social enterprises so that these projects more closely reflect their vision and mission.

For all of those years, I have also been a healer. My practice is a spiritual one, drawing from Reiki and intuitive practices to invite well-being. The treatments I offer can be directed to individuals or groups; to the past, present, or future; and to any issue or situation you can imagine.

You are invited -- encouraged! -- to request a healing treatment any time. I'll begin as soon as possible, and will let you know when it has begun. Reciprocating financially is welcome (not required) after the treatment, on a sliding scale of $20-$200 via Paypal (select "Services") to christine@cdeggercom.


As this offer is being made in a world where such things need to be disclaimed, please note that in asking for my service you understand I am not responsible for any changes which may or may not occur.


Call, text, tweet, or send a message on Facebook to ask for help with anything that comes to mind: