Christine D. Egger

I help people and organizations better align what they care about with what they do, working primarily with socially-minded businesses and revenue-generating nonprofits (known collectively as social enterprises) and the intermediaries that serve them (associations, fund sources, data collaborations, regional/national/global networks). I typically serve as a project manager, facilitator, or community liaison. I'm a healer, too, and include that kind of work alongside strategizing, analyzing, implementing, etc.

My organizational clients are better able to deliver on their mission's promise; and better able to attract funding, staff, and other resources that contribute to that mission-delivery. As for the benefits of healing, well, those are kind of unlimited. :)

At the moment, I'm having a great time designing new ways to help capital flow through the communities we live in. See the Projects & Publications section on LinkedIn for more information about that and other ways these broad interests have been playing out. Don't hesitate to get in touch if we should be working together.