Chandra Easton

Chandra Easton is a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, pupil of the Lady Ananda Tara Shan and a Maitreya Theosophist. She is a wholistic practitioner of the heart with a lifetime's experience working with clients and spiritual education. Chandra has a passion for empowering others; she strives to live in joy and share love.

Her study of Astrology began in 1978; she then moved on to explore, and later teach and write on a wide range of esoteric subjects. She is passionate about Hurqalya - Earth's Light Body - and works with groups and communities to connect to the Light, as we move through the Great Change.

Over the years Chandra has founded the Sirian School of Astrology and Sacred Earth Tours; as well as co-founding the Daylesford College of Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Psychology, as well as Heartscape Australia.

An Australian, she travels the world with this work - connect with her current program or get in touch for a chat.