cedric walter

Born and bred in France, working in switzerland since 2000.

Love learning languages (fluent in German & English beside French of course ;-)) and meeting interesting people for work and pleasure.

Enjoy sports like snowboarding and fast motorcycles riding. Going to fitness 3/4 times a week since 2008 as my work, as a senior solution architect is challenging me mentally everyday. I am also quite active in open source world (Joomla!, Apache POI committer), and have way too much hobbies to list them here, but feel free to visit my hub at www.cedricwalter.com.

Founder, owner and Managing Partner of Galaxiis.com

Galaxiis (formely www.waltercedric.com) creates industry leading premium Joomla Extensions and is the longest running Joomla extensions provider since 2005.

Love meeting new and interesting people to enjoy life together and develop long lasting friendships.

"Chacun d'entre-nous peut atteindre son potentiel maximum. Notre destination final est peut-être prédéterminé, mais c'est à nous de choisir le chemin pour y arriver. Nous ne devons jamais laisser nos peurs ou les attentes de notre entourage établir les frontières de notre destin. Notre destin est immuable, mais il peut être défier.
Nous naissons tous de la même manière mais le jour de notre mort chacun d'entre nous est unique..."

vi veri veniversum vivus vici : By the Power of Truth, I, while living, have Conquered the Universe