Chad Bordes

An entrepreneurial spirit, with plenty of flair and dare to fit that mold, Chad Bordes is the addition your project needs.

Chad has been given the gift of healing and have an uncanny knack for connecting with people and giving them the confidence and insight to awaken their potential, Chad can motivate and stimulate with positive and dynamic outcomes. He has a great deal of experience in handling projects from start to finish with professional etiquette, charm and efficiency. A professional and relaxed demeanor enables Chad to analyze, accomplish and complete any plan, goal or project to expectation and beyond.

As an Events specialist Chad has traveled the world and handled many high profile corporate clients in this demanding arena. His high customer service ethic, fashioned on that of his hero Richard Branson sets him apart as he has a deep sense of commitment to making the customer experience the very best there is.

Chad has an intrinsic knack with all things tech and is the first to label his self a “tech nerd”. His ability to diagnose it and fix it gives him geek status. The ever changing, fast paced world of smart phones and social media is his passion and his talent for social media marketing is sought after by companies, big and small, who need to keep their finger on the pulse and their direct customer communication, in the forefront.