Chad Carter

I'm Chad Carter. I'm the Chief Technology Officer of two different companies, including the company I started, GlobalCove Technologies.

Even with over 15 years of professional software development experience I have only scratched the surface of this wonderful thing called technology. From website front end development to architecting backend systems, from systems integrations to developing 3D games, I love all sort of technologies.

I enjoy teaching others about technology as well as explaining very low level concepts at a high level. I train development staff on different languages and frameworks as well as teach general sessions about different technologies at conferences, CodeCamps, and User Groups. I have authored two books on XNA Game Studio. I have authored a third book on Windows 8 development using HTML and JavaScript.

I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 5 years. The first 4 years were for XNA/DirectX while my most recent award is for ASP.NET/IIS.

When I'm not in front of a computer working with the latest technology you will find me spending time with my lovely wife and two precious daughters.