Chaitanya Krishnan

I'm a web & game designer working as a freelance consultant in Bangalore. My main expertise is in illustration and animation - 2d and 3d, and i try to mix the two whenever possible. I concentrate on the visual design and animation of all my projects... be they games, websites whatever.

Apart from the usual web work i also do CG animation and illustrations. I have worked briefly in the 3D PC gaming industry here in Bangalore. I now work with independant developers working on games for IOS and Android.

Incidently my final project at college was a sci-fi pop-up book for kids :) and my first job was as an illustrator... i still do the occasional print job.. but mostly stick to the web. Lately i have been making a lot of DIY animals and stuff out of trash.

In my free time i play games on my PC or tablet, read comics, and spend time with my dogs and family.