Chanel Ward

My name is Chanel Ward and I'm a New Orleans newbie (originally from Baton Rouge). I am a freelance writer (style, entertainment, travel and food) working as a Digital Content Manager since 2006. I also do Social Media Editing handling personal and business accounts across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. My background is in Fashion Design, I've worked in wardrobe and I've done modeling print work. Fashion sketching and illustration is a passion. I love to create and sew womenswear, and sometimes I photograph myself in the looks. I have an immense passion for travel, I love spending time with family, watching good tv and enjoying great wine with friends. I'm a budget shopper, Pinterest and Michelle Obama fan and BIG, curly hair enthusiast. I was named as one of 225 Magazine's "People to Watch in 2008 and I've been married 19 years.