Chanelle Henry

I'm the UX Practitioner, advocator and defender. I am currently the Director of UX at Bluewolf, and writing a memoir of my hilarious, hypochondria-fillled adventures .

With an educational background in Psychology, Computer Science, and Art Direction & Design, and a love for problem solving, I love to think and create new methodologies that help outline, encourage and propel the UX process.

I teach and consult with startups about how to refine their goals, make progress, and develop a creative plan. I've worked with great clients such as United Nations World Food Programme, Western Digital, QVC, Benetech, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and Belk.

I believe in the power of design and feel that it can honestly change the world, our attitudes, and how we interact with not only technology but each other. I hope to speak at TED one day.