Chantal Ireland

Looking for projects to help Entrepreneurs and businesses that make, grow and provide positive things where we live. Offering sales, social and brand experience support.

Current projects: Discovery Coffee, Freight Train Coffee (launching this summer), and Longtables.


Nomadic. happy. spontaneous. reads books. lucky. WRITES. rides a very cool bike(s). optimist. IMAGINES. virgo.

Big sister. aunt. girlfriend. smiles at strangers. sarcastic. supports the farmers market. CREATES. hopeful. makes a mean chocolate cake.

Wants to meet Yvon Chouinard + Jeffrey Hollender. INSPIRED by meeting Blake Mycoskie + Gary Hirshberg + Joel Solomon. Social Entrepreneurs are my celebrities.

Tom Petty fan. navigator. loves road trips. STORYTELLER. mac. southpaw. canadian. connector. Loves waffles, ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, and coffee. passionate. DREAMS. wanna-be yogi. curious photographer.