Born somewhere in the hills of San Francisco, Charlie grew up surrounded by arts and media with parents in radio and literary fields: a radio DJ/itinerant writer father whose skits constantly tested his program director's patience and a mother who would go on to raise to two boys on her own.

Charlie is part of the next generation of vanguard actors dedicated to influential storytelling. Charlie's projects include two episodes on ABC Family’s “Greek”, two seasons on FILMAKA webseries “Starlet”, several viral videos (Move Kills Mii, Zippo, iPad2) and a film he co-wrote, produced, scored and acted in, 3 Things, a selection at Cannes SFC 2010, Method Fest, et al.

Charlie launched an entertainment website for parents titled Rather than being instructional or remotely helpful, the site focuses on the ridiculous and humorous sides of parenthood. His writing has been featured on the front pages of The Huffington Post, Babycenter, Art of Manliness,, The Stir, AOL, and lots of online publications that smell delicious.

Charlie is a published author through Random House with "Guide to Baby Sleep Positions."

Over 15,000,000 views on YouTube. 300,000 followers on social networks. Over 25,000,000 million views of developed content. Commanding social networks of over 6mm followers.

He is currently employed as Director of Online Engagement at 20th Century Fox Television.

Charlie is allergic to sleep, and addicted to lighting the internet on fire.