Chris Lutz

I am done with film school, and once the terror abates I hope to make art in some medium or another. The background image is kind of a big deal, and is my favorite portrait of me (I'm between 3 and 6 months old in it).

I graduated from the UNC School of the Arts School of Filmmaking, where I studied screenwriting. People tell me my scripts are pretty good, and they're right of course, and hopefully I'll start making them soon. That would be nice. Also like every other film student I do movie reviews, but unlike every other film student I'm using them for science! Specifically, I am testing the theory that our opinions on art are not quantifiable or comparable, that you can't compare, say, Serenity and Seven Samurai and say which one you like better. (And though I'm a fan of Firefly, Kurosawa is totally the winner in that contest.)

I also program in my spare time, and am quite good in Python, C, and Perl (though I'm a bit rusty) and will consent to use C++ on days when I feel invincible. I've only sampled the waters of games programming so far, but I have a few ideas on the simpler end of the spectrum that I hope to make relatively soon.

I'm a big fan of science, so if you're a big fan of science you should talk to me and we can be big fans of science together. I also play music sometimes, but I doubt I will ever focus on that seriously.