Chelsey Smith

Chelsey Smith is a graduate of Professional Communication at Royal Roads University where she served as the President of the Students Association, and the Chair of the Social Committee. She has a background in journalism, and work in the communications and culture sector.
Chelsey is an active volunteer and engaged citizen who is dedicated to universal education, literacy, and equality, and a passionate advocate for natural beauty and self-esteem. To promote her causes, Chelsey ran as a national finalist for Miss Universe Canada 2012.
She considers her three greatest accomplishments so far to include her volunteer work in Ghana, West Africa; where she taught HIV awareness/education and created women's groups, donating her hair to the cancer foundation, and running inner beauty and confidence building workshops for pre-teens.
She enjoys yoga, health, and fashion, in addition to spending time with family and friends, volunteering, and academics. She loves adventure, meeting new people, and is passionate about lifestyle, learning, and travel. Chelsey strives to be a positive role model for women, and inspire others to embrace their inner beauty.