zhang张 cheng成
  1. Work in PLM industry for almost 3 years. 在PLM领域工作3年多。
  2. Passionate about manufacturing information.执着于制造业信息化
  3. Crazy about the innovation in mobile internet and always keep eye on it.狂热地热爱移动互联网的创新。
  4. Want to make sth. different and always ready to try sth. new. 想做些与众不同的事情,一直尝试新事物。
  5. Hate old monopoly system,desire for new era with harmonious system.痛恨垄断的旧系统,呼唤和谐新系统。
  6. Break language barrier, let all know the new ideology and knowledge . Encourage  companions with each other.打破语言障碍,让新知识新理念为世人所知。与朋友共勉之。“它山的石头”,呼唤你的加入。