Chris Coder (Me)

Hello. My name is Chris. This is

I used to live in Topeka, KS, also known for Brown vs. Board of Education, Westboro Baptist and changing its name in 2010 to Google, KS. Now I live in Lawrence, which has a whole separate history I have not looked up, yet.

I have lived within 20 miles of Topeka approximately 3/7ths of my adult life or about 25/32nds of my life as a whole. I am 5'8" tall and have a BMI over 40 but it doesn't matter since I believe firmly in healthy at any size. I follow a primarily gluten-free paleo diet. I am openly gay. I say that with the recognization that I live in a state where I can be fired or not hired for that reason alone. I am also openly masculine-identified, liberal, pro-choice, atheist, and cuddly.

I was born in 1980 in Bartlesville, OK, home of Price Tower, the only skyscraper in the world designed by Frank Lloyd Wright aka my favorite architect. Seeing Fallingwater in person is on my bucket list. Moving back to Oklahoma is not.

When my parents moved to Topeka in 1981, I went with them. I grew up and attended school here, graduating in 1999 from Topeka High. I attended Emporia State University for a degree in English, serving as the president of PRIDE and working in the Ethnic and Gender Studies Department, just to really put the full on Liberal in Liberal Arts.

After ESU, I did a service year with the AmeriCorps NCCC in Perry Point, MD. After, I stayed on the East Coast, living (barely) through one very hot summer in Philadelphia after which I promptly moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where the average August high is 78° and I worked at the mall, TWICE. I highly recommend an English degree program.

Mall life proving less illustrious in my mid-twenties, I relocated back to my home state. I took a position in Internet Marketing and Website Design, returned to school to study science, and eventually transitioned to doing primarily Technical Support.

Yes, I can probably fix your computer.

I am very good at a number of things. I make an exceptional dirty gin martini. I can assemble IKEA furniture with minimal swearing. I have successfully never beaten Super Mario Bros 3. I am an accomplished player of no musical instruments. I have exceeded all expectations in having never been arrested. I also give spot-on driving directions and can read a map like its 1998 and no one has ever heard of GPS.

One time Beth Ditto bought a cigarette from me f