chris cunningham

Finland born & Boston raised, but proud to call myself a New Yorker after 10+ years here. I thrive on the fast-paced, upbeat atmosphere this city offers, but also enjoy pressing pause every once in a while to kick back with family and friends and appreciate a good laugh. Nothing beats a jog along the Hudson with my dog Ollie or whipping up breakfast for my two sons, Henry & Bertie.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I love to challenge the norm. As the co-founder & CEO of appssavvy, a mobile advertising technology company, my simple goal is to disrupt brand advertising by putting people at the center, using context and timing as the drivers, and closing the gap on understanding intent. Our mobile advertising platform is empowering brands to reach people, within natural breaks of activities, when they are most receptive, in real-time. My primary outlook on this market: there's always a way to do it bigger and better – let's find it.