Chris Portela

Hey there! I'm Chris Portela.

I am a friendly guy who loves to talk. I talk and write all the time and I'm always trying to get better at both. The basic theme of my life is learning things that I "don't really need." I'm fairly addicted to learning anything about everything. Mulitple goals like "affect the world for good" which are generic and broad make it hard to focus on what I need to learn much of the time.

I am a talented developer as a result of many years of experience. I have been programming since 13 when I learned PHP and C#.NET. Today, my focus is in Windows Store and WP8 apps, but my heart is in security. I want to win a "real" CTF at DEF CON someday; it's on the bucket-list at least.

I am a libertarian. I believe in free markets, free trade, good will towards all nations, protection of our natural rights, and the limiting of government.

Best way to get to know me is meet me. The best way to see the work I've posted online is via my website.

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