Chris Quinn

TL;DR: I like building things, learning languages and copius amounts of coffee.

I'm the Technical Lead at The Agency, an integrated creative digital agency based in Bath, UK.

I help create digital solutions that underpin The Agency's integrated marketing services. This could involve developing custom CRMs or e-Commerce platforms, or building Wordpress-powered platforms for driving customer engagement. I help create specifications and translate business requirements into technical briefs. I manage the development team and ensure we use best practice in everything we do, from VCS usage to coding standards.

I've also had extensive experience working in editorial and marketing roles for companies large and small.

In the past I've dabbled with logo design and I enjoy working with small businesses to define brand values that underpin good logo design.

My main skills / competencies, languages and general stuff I think I'm pretty good at:

  • PHP / MySQL & SQL Server / HTML / CSS / XML
  • Git, JIRA, CentOS
  • JQuery / Rails / Smarty / Xpath
  • Adobe Creative Suite (3+)
  • OS agnostic
  • Brand / Logo concept & design work