Chris Strouth

writer, producer/experimentalist/culture ReMixer: Chris Strouth. Proablly best known as a producer-Strouth ran the Twin Tone Record Group for most of the 90′s, later becoming the Director of Artists and Product for Innova Recordings (the American Composers Forum’s label). A non-profit dealing primarily in Experimental, Jazz, Neo-Classical and world music. He was also a part of the now legendary Rifle Sport Art Gallery,as well as House Nation, and Depth Probe Strouth was the impresario behind Future Perfect Sound System, an experimental dub sound system. With two records under their belt and a three-year residency at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, they also did numerous pieces with the Walker Art Center, and Orchestra Hall before closing up shop in 2002. He also started the Red Eye Collaboration‘s Difficult Music series, the first new music series of its kind in the Twin Cities. Curently he writes the "Makes No Sense at All" column in City Pages' Gimmie Noise.

He has been a member of the following groups: King paisley and the Psych-O-Delicis, Ex-Boyfriends of Pamela, Seduction of Timothy, A Most Happy sound, and has worked with people like Michael Yonkers, Stan Ridgway, the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, George Cartwright (Curlew), Philip Johnson (Microscopic Sextet) and Mark Mallman.

In the six degrees of separation between John Cage and Judas Priest, Chris Strouth is number three.