christa bell


I am a witch who casts social change.  I am a cultural healer. I imagine and produce new conceptual realities for you.  I am a transformer. I am an artist. 


My work includes an award-winning body of feminist spoken word poetry and theater: the one-woman show CoochieMagik: A Spoken Word Musical Comedy, commissioned by the National Performance Network and performed, by invitation, at over 100 universities, colleges, festivals and performance venues internationally; 1001 Holy Names for Coochie, an endurance mantra and performance art installation, which premiered at the Seattle Art Museum in 2012 as part of the opening events for Elles: Women Artists From The Centre Pompidou; and SHEism: The Woman Worship Workshop offered as a three-day retreat as well as a supplement to my performances and performance-lectures. 


I am a National Poetry Slam Champion and have appeared on, NPR and have been invited to speak at TEDx Barnard College Women, 2012., part of the TEDx Women's series.


My work is concerned with how women's spiritual self-esteem impacts their participation in the political processes that govern their lives, the conceptual and practical elevation of women into the Cannon of the Divine, and it engages the woman-centered question:  What kind of world would it be, if the God I worshipped, was me?


To find out, contact me for information about performances, performance-lectures and workshops.


Photo Credit: Inti St. Claire